About Airo Capital

AiroCapital is a conduit of companies specializing in Corporate Finance, Tax, and e-business.

These are the 5 pillars in which AiroCapital was founded.

Project Capital

Our team structures, advances and invests in both publically listed and private oil and gas and mining companies.

Technology Capital

Technology has changed the way we all live our lives. Information and communication is changing at a rapid pace specifically in the financial markets, mobile space and social media.

Research Capital

Continually looking at what is driving markets and the world economy is what we do. Our global reach is what enables us to understand why one company is more successful and attractive than the next.

Intellectual Capital

With multiple business interests in different industries it is critical to understand where the world is trending.

Philanthropic Capital

Giving back in the community is important to provide a balance between the corporate world and society.